Rose Bresolin was born in Ceccano, on the outskirts of Rome. Her love for the Spoken Word began while listening to her mother recount myths and fairy tales. Her fascination with the Written Word began while learning to read in a second language.  Her love of Writing took hold in grade four, when a teacher recognized and acknowledged her passion. Going on to use the Written Word as an outlet and support mechanism helped this single working mother not only survive the wild teenage years of her kids, but to help her keep a grip on sanity.  She thinks.  All of these experiences have also culminated in the birth of her three novels, a series of children’s books, and a blog that she is willing to share with the world.  She is finally in a place where she can pass on some of her insights and humour, and continue to document this amazing journey.

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Old Book

Professional Bio

Rose's experience as a New Canadian in primary school, when ESL was in its infancy, inspired her to pursue a career in education. She spent many years in a classroom and in various fields of special education before becoming a principal. Her experiences in both teaching and in parenting fed into her motivation for writing. Rose’s 30 years in the education system convinced her that it has the power to transform the way we view ourselves, and one another.  Rose’s many learnings continue to be reflected in her writing, and are  applied in her Life Coaching practice.