Children's Books

Memories come to life.

These books were written over the years in response to teachable, humorous, or difficult moments raising lively children as a single mother.

Cross & Heart

The Land of Canaan

Rachel has been an altar server at a famous cathedral and on hearing that the Pope is scheduled to celebrate a Mass there, she and the other servers are ecstatic. When they learn that the girls are being excluded from the loop, Rachel struggles to make sense of it. Father Kelly often commented on how dependable she is, so why is it not suitable for girls to serve on this occasion? When the other altar servers see how discouraged Rachel becomes, they band together and move Father Kelly to rethink his notion of the sometimes servers.


Rosie’s Tank

Francis is afraid to make his way to the buses after school. Sometimes there is no teacher present to stop the kids from bullying him. 
At home he gets in trouble for the messes that he leaves, so he waits until things get really bad before he tells his mother about it. 
“I can’t do that!  I’ll be dead!” he hollers at her when she says to tell his teacher.
That night Francis wakes up in a sweat…
“Yes!” cried Francis as he imagined the awe in the crowd below.

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 Illustrated Forest Background

Geoffrey’s Backyard

One morning, when Geoffrey looked out, he couldn’t see the backyard. He pinched himself to make sure that he was awake. He checked again, but still he could not see it. His backyard was gone! His eyes grew wider in their disbelief. His greatest fear had really happened! Where could he go for help?

Playing with Matches

Christopher Stop

A series – In a roll out of a little boy’s adventures in a day, young Christopher lives out excitement. Delighting in his mischief, the many accounts reverberate in fun.

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Autumn Girl

Lauren Poking Clouds

The story of a little girl whose nursery was decorated with a large bumble bee in flight. As her dreams became filled with soaring in the sky, she set her sites on becoming a pilot.
“You’re a smart girl Lauren,” grandfather said lovingly.
“But flying a plane is not for girls. There are so many other things a smart girl can become.”
But every night Lauren’s dreams continued to take her to the skies. 

Maneuvering in her model airplane she hovered round the moon and stars.
Out in the sun one night, she flew her plane into the froth of clouds
And there behind them, she fell upon the answer to a miracle


Grandma Doesn't Live Here Anymore

It was a grand house that Grandma had built over many years.


Her eyes took in a sea of green as it gave way to the wind.


 “Listen,” Grandma would say, “The wind is calling us this way,”


Dinner usually began with cutting herbs out of the garden


The New England veranda was long and good for catching the wind


Ever since Lauren’s mother had gone back to school, her Saturdays were tied up with homework, and so her Uncle Ben would take her and her cousin Layla out for the day.


Although it was difficult for Lauren to put words to her feelings, Grandma kept encouraging her to try, even through her own tears.


Lauren had always thought of Grandma as invincible and that she would be with them forever. Now as she watched her more closely, she was beginning to have questions.


The grasses in the meadow stretched tall and the clouds did not budge from their places in the sky. Lauren’s mom was first to open talk of Grandma.

A Wedding Dress for Mother

Where most of the story books are intended to delight and contribute to the shaping of a positive attitude, this endearing account of how two brothers come to accept the new man in their mother’s life may be of help in the reshaping.


Things are really exciting around here today. Our house is bustling with activity and I feel I’m going to burst out of my skin.


We have to remember that this is her day,” my big brother counsels as he holds me back from taking the flight of stairs between us and our mother. He’s being especially nice to me today.


Mother was more beautiful when she smiled and laughed, and we couldn’t help but notice how the calls from Dan would make her smile even more.


“If he makes you happy mom, then we’re happy too.”

My brother always knew just what to say.


Together my brother and I went through the magazines in search.


I was nervous, so I started doing magic tricks with my tie.


As I reached down for my tie to wipe my eyes, I panicked! And then I noticed a silly smirk beginning on my brother’s face.

Please get in touch with any enquiries.  Rose Bresolin has written many more stories that she is ready to share.