By positioning a Personal Life Coach in your corner, you will:

  • Make notable gains in your command of language

  • Increase in proficiency to express yourself in a convincing manner, and influence those around you

  • Raise your levels of confidence to secure the greater respect of others

  • Help your children and yourself while in periods of adjustment, such as divorce, bereavement, moves, etc.

  • Make wise choices from the increased possibilities as they appear.

Stones of Meaning

Why Personal Life Coaching?

Confidential and personalized Personal Life Coaching will teach you strategies to raise your awareness of what is available to you, assist in goal setting and follow up, and ease your daily life in many ways.

Sharpen your ability to use verbal language and to read non-verbal cues to reap more from your working environment, and elevate yourself to achieving more.

Whatever your field, an improved command of language, and the way in which you use it, will assist you with enormous strides forward.

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Painted Heart

Personal Life Coaching Single Session:  Join Rose for a one on one personal coaching session.

Personal Life Coach Series: 

Sign up for a series of personal life coaching sessions.

Couples, Friends or Group:

Join a spouse, friend or co-worker for some shared Life Coaching.

About the Coach:

Rose Bresolin is a retired teacher and principal with a wide range of experience and qualifications.

  • Training/Credits/Certification/Qualifications in Leadership: Coaching, Conflict Resolution, ESL.

  • BA York University. 

  • Masters in Education and Administration, OISE, University of Toronto.

  • Positions in Education as Teacher and School Principal, Membership in the College of Teachers, Principals Council and Association, Board of Directors and Committees for Advancement in Leadership.