There is a saying in Italian, 'Strada facendo ne parlermo' in walking we will talk, (Give the problem over to the energy of the open air and it will come back resolved.)  What testament for a writer to keep covering ground in writing, and out of mouths of characters the word is given greater meaning.


The Road from Calvary 


The Road from Calvary is about the ongoing struggle by Mena and Umberto’s children as they try to force the hand of change. But even as their circumstances improve, the challenge to separate from the emotions of the past proves to be a greater one.  When the younger sister, Sonia, has had enough of being caught up in her older sister’s litanies, she draws on the courage gained from having left a dysfunctional marriage, and sets out to lay a new path for her family and the generations that follow. 

Thick Braids

At The Left Hand


At the Left Hand takes us to a remote corner of the earth that’s been forsaken by time. Even though her parents are malicious in their treatment of her, little Lucia’s spirit is unstoppable. The story explores the strength Lucia takes from the love she feels for her younger sister, Teresa. After Lucia is raped by a cousin, she is cast out by her parents.

Teresa’s love for her sister does not waver. A greater misfortune that befalls Lucia as the story develops, compels us to follow the experience of the metamorphosis in Lucia’s spirit, as she is cut away from her sister’s love, and moved irreparably far from self.

Bride Looking at the Sea



Advent opens to the outskirts of a small town in Italy at the onset of WWII, where two star-crossed lovers, Mena and Umberto are being painfully separated. When Umberto doesn’t return after the war, she is forced to marry someone else. As Mena continues to resist her new reality, the friction between the pair sets their lives on a violent course. United only in their cruelty towards the children that come, the weight of its effect distorts their view of life. The journey over the grand ocean provides Mena and her children with a kernel of hope that their dreams await them on the other shore.