• Rose Bresolin

a writer's block has many guises

As my agent and I discussed a platform for putting the books out there, I hurried to explain that where

technology is concerned I am green as an onion. I added faintly that I am ready to learn. At the image of

an onion being peeled of all its layers, my resolve began to shrink; a fear there would be nothing found at its

core. Alone later, I felt a gentle nudge to go in deeper. ‘You’ve felt this fear before and bailed, stay it,

and reason your way through it.’

A lifelong friend with a work career much like mine has played the constant reminder to keep me

writing. But her stable support has recently bordered on admonishment, essentially as she tries to shake

it into me that it is time to set the works free of me.

“I can’t’ imagine what is stopping you from airing them. You know your writing is a gift. You’ve proven that

repeatedly. I’m convinced you have stories to tell and so are you, or you would have

stopped by now. Look at the accomplishments in your career and elsewhere. You simply stayed the

goals until you reached them. It was in doing the work that you gained control of doubt and its anxiety. By now you

must have realized that a run at a fire that has you scared won't kill you.

“And yet for writing, a thing that comes to you so naturally and visibly raises your energy, you continue to

turn from opportunity for sharing it. How weird is that?”

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