• Rose Bresolin

In the Fields of Sonia's Heart

Often left on her own by day, little Sonia roamed the fields that gave her comfort. Her attention taken by the flowers and the mountains in the distance, the sense that there was something wrong at home moved far behind her. The wide open provided strong immunity against being swallowed up by fear. But when the family uprooted to a city life in a country far away, the security found in the connection with nature was lost.

As things in their new environment took on a calmer routine, Sonia fantasized that her father had changed; that in the new land he had learned to keep a lid on his temper. But as the demonic voices began to wind their way around the narrow staircase in the night, Sonia came to learn that her father had only been waiting for assurance that his behavior would be treated much the same as in the homeland. That the rein on the raging fire in him was given licence would explain why Sonia's mind had become anxiously preoccupied by the end of her fourth-grade year.

Within the minds behind the scenes in Advent.


Rose Bresolin

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