• Rose Bresolin


My children began early to show enjoyment for the rhyming words that stirred imagination. They went on to read the stories prompted by their personal ventures - their birthday cards and little books. To motivate me into organizing that writing some years back, my eldest forwarded me a link to Rainer Maria Rilke. The content of the first page - the brilliance behind the words blew me away. In answer to a student who would send Rilke his writings, aching for his approval, the works were humbly returned, a single question to apply for inner search, ‘why do you write?’ After eating up the rest of the pages, I stopped writing and retreated to a shell, feeling beneath a writer as inspired as Rilke. And, as slowly the words began again to peak out from under, I wrote, and wrote again, and so I write… A heartfelt Thank You!- to my son for the articles and to all three of my children for the love and humour that provide the inspiration.


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