• Rose Bresolin

The Word

‘And the word was made flesh’ from the Bible (in humble reference)

Another helpful friend came in to take a run at my inertia. (probably sent by the one before - smile) “I don’t get it," she said. "You battled pretty big odds to come away with university degrees, you managed schools, did speaking engagements, sat on committees, chaired some – obviously you found enjoyment in the satisfaction, but the work was demanding. You write nearly everyday, because you enjoy it. What makes you turn away from taking it to a next step? What is it scares you so? And do you want to keep on reliving that fear each time you reach this crossroad? If it’s the fear of failure, at least be brave enough to take the test - complete the journey once. Fail or fly and be free of the wall of fear you’ve put up. The excuse you give that you’re confronted by a block might only be an arrogance to mask a fear of being unworthy. Or could it be that you simply lack appreciation for the gift? Do it! Finish what won’t go away, a thing that needs telling. There is no other way to shake the fear but to grant the words on page their life, a life apart from you. Take the word to flesh, or at least accept the risk.”

And in the quiet came the stuff about forgiveness. ‘Forgive yourself for your resistance to see grander; for choosing to stay small when in you is the means, a way with words that can usher in a greater wideness. Could it be you hold some grievance against what you think is holding you back? Or is it in the stubbornness to hang onto what you think you’ll lose if you forgive? Some weird kind of power then?’

That the experience of the book form has served to dissolve a block that guarded nothing, a vastness it had kept from me was opened. I have since come to hope it might well do the same for a reader. And for those who may not be aware that forgiveness waits on all, it could still hold some small insight into another fellow human. Join me I said to me, in simply being open to where the word might take us, and where we take the world. ‘Or we can call a pow wow to watch as all your words dance to a flaming fire,’ replied the new born risk taker.


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