• Rose Bresolin

Another Day

Sonia sought professional help to unravel the troubling maze of her mind,but her sister Piera thought herself above that. How could those people possibly guide her out of the misery of her existence when their only credentials had come from books! She scoffed at her youngest sister, accusing her of being a dreamer, not facing that the mire she had come from would always be their shared reality. Sonia agonized over her sister's words. Her daily life had kept her at some distance from Piera's negativity, but as their parents aged she found herself returned within its web more often. Subjected to Piera's litany in reminder of their insignificance, Sonia began to fear that the imprisoning chain would prove the only bond between them. But,what if in the search within to prove Piera wrong, she should turn up as the nothing of her sister's accusations? Best to build more outer layers of importance in armor against the accelerated attempts by Piera to grind her down.

Strangely, it was when Sonia finally took the risk, the total run to see what was inside, that she became connected with her strength, and in that came the opening to a forgiveness between the sisters.


Rose Bresolin

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