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Why write at all? Well, it’s what I’m doing now, it's what I do.

(Albeit I have needed pushing to have its purpose widened.) Here's a recent gemstone to that end . "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. (Goethe's couplet- excerpt from W.H. Murray,The Scottish Himalayan Expedition.)

Yes, said the little voice but to what end?

In part because of the excitement that fills me as I walk an idea across a sheet of paper. Ideas can be moved around and changed. As is the case with Sonia of Advent, looking at an obstacle from a different angle can render it more manageable. In questioning, Sonia leaves herself open for change. To raise her from her sadness and the feeling she does not belong, I had to tread around the landmines of personal conditioning, and trust that a path to all that Sonia could be would follow. And as it gradually did, I felt more compelled to air her journey. The written word is one way to lay that richness out. I have to trust that a platform intended to connect us in sadness and in joy will have its audience. Even for a mind enriched, a thing inside the workings of another can hold potential to enhance it; conversely,it also holds potential to lighten burdens that we carry. In example, as Sonia pulls herself from the inherent hypocrisies of her religion, not only is the inner war with God brought to an end, but she has cleared the space in mind that took it up.


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