• Rose Bresolin

Advice from other artists

'Hone your craft,' from Angela Lanspeary, another writer. Keep believing in yourself so that you’re ready when the opportunity presents.

'Show up,' wrote Julia Cameron in An Artist’s Way. These words came at a time when I was struggling to get through a painful period in my life, and the hobby writing that I counted on for managing the fear stopped coming. I couldn’t write. It was then that a neighbour gave me Julia’s book and as the days went on, the inspiration in Julia's words and her quotes began to slowly work through me until the light they offered reignited mine. I ran with Julia’s words in mind on many mornings when the fear and worry wouldn’t leave my head. Often, by the time I returned home, the threads forming the knot that blocked the writing had been unravelled. Thank you, Julia, and to the neighbour handing me the line.


Rose Bresolin

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