• Rose Bresolin

Motive or Motivation?

Along the Road, the writer is repeatedly asked what the intention of the writing is; will it be enough to credit the ideas of the writer, or is it to create a platform for receiving grander ones that want sharing? If it’s the former, the freedom of the players will be limited. Tightly manipulated, they may not find their integrity.

'You’re being asked to listen,' I'm reminded, 'lest you rush a thought before it blossoms. You will know you listened, because the intention will sail along a path that takes you to the needed word. And then what words may come are often not the ones you had in mind.

Next time you feel lost, ask to be reminded where it was that you were heading, then trust enough to pause. If you draw a blank, that’s a start. You created space for a response. The trick is not to move too quickly to fill it in.'

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