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Home page design/Mari and Me

In answer to how I came up with my home page: I began by browsing through those of other authors. After appreciating each, I asked myself why the images on Alice Munro’s site stayed with me. It wasn't long before I remembered the sketch of the barren tree I had filed away somewhere. I had yet to figure out why I suffered through the cold of a barren winter landscape that day to draw it. The decaying roots, now seemed to be an appropriate image for a tree that well represents the ancestral line in Advent.The golden apple, I had sketched using a gift by a former student, and represents the hope that the tree will one day give off fruit again. With the dancing green of Alice's page calling back in the open fields of Sonia’s youth, the idea began to emerge. My web designer Mari,also being an artist, the search for a happy home page was ended by going back to the beginning, to what inspired the writing of the novels.

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