• Rose Bresolin

Technology and weapons of mass destruction

After a sleepy look at the blog for today, I thought I clicked the prompt to post it. The sound that followed was mine. "OMG! what did I just do?" The pang of fear brought on by the barrage of pop-ups over my screen is one I might expect had I set off a bomb. Pause … ‘Go easy,’ I hear me say. Surprised to feel the panic subside, I begin to experience a shift in focus. And then I find the blog. Again, the pop-ups blast out after it. Another pause and I dial up the hand that keeps my computer humming. After clearing the intruders and restoring settings, my path is freed to resume the work I love. And, as the goal of this platform is to transmit good, using the blog to send a thanks over the airwaves to Mark at TeKfinity seems fitting.

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Rose Bresolin

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