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And then comes Beth

A day spent with my agent/friend Beth and she wanted us to view the back link and go over it together. I wanted to run out and bring her back a back-scratcher, but I knew it was going to mean more work than that. I just wanted to get going on the work ahead. Instead, at her steady urging I complied with her direction to create a playlist of music that I like. My thought was still that we should get to work, but here we were deviating. Oh well, I reconciled, there’ll be other days for that.

Along the doing of what she asked, we made a stop to listen to - Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney!

As we settled to watch the video we found ourselves singing out together, hands clapping to the music. Then we listened to the conversation she had clearly intended to have me hear: Paul McCartney's Carpool video of returning home took me to Advent, to the writings of T.S. Eliot that encourage the adult Sonia to revisit a traumatic event of her childhood. To see it differently opened her to feel compassion for her younger self. By the time the video was over I was charged by what it said to me personally, Beth’s pleasant voice bringing me back. “There,” she said, “now you’ve learned how to share links in your blog and you’ll never forget how to do it.” She had just jumped into deep water with me and made it safe; a strategy that is a tenet in the life coaching that I do! If I had interviewed her for a position in teaching, I would have hired her on the spot. Suffice to say, the rest of the session maintained the up-beat rhythm and was delightfully eye opening.

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