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The gift of helping hands

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Lucy, once a nanny to my children, took a gasping look at me as she walked in to call me away from the computer. “You feel okay?” She used a quiet tone, not wanting to alarm me. I quickly replied that I felt fine, and after a look into the mirror, I realized that what she really meant to ask was, ‘what’s wrong with you?’ I had felt a tightness in my eyes, but that’s not unusual after a session of writing. What surprised me was that my eyes had given me no sign that they were about to pop out of my skull. “Merely a writer’s eyes,” I answered, more nonchalantly than I felt. “They’ll settle back.”

And so they did. What also hasn’t changed is Lucy’s unflinching support for what I do. She continued her strong presence in our lives long after we had need for a nanny. A real doer and one as practical as she, might have said instead, ‘why are you putting so much time into just sitting there when you could be doing something worthwhile? Anything else would at least be doing something.’ But she doesn’t say that, and neither do her eyes, and for that I am grateful. And when I walk into the kitchen, I can see that peach sandwich season has made a full return!

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