• Rose M Bresolin

Pass it on

Some time after the reading of Metamorphosis began to make a difference in my life, I offered the tiny paperback to a friend who I thought might benefit from a similar enlightenment. When after months, she had not brought it up, I asked her what she thought and she admitted that she hadn't read it.

"I keep putting it off because I read when I'm in bed, and the first page told me that the book is too heavy to attempt when I'm exhausted."

Fair enough, so I went on I to explain that the actual story takes up only a small portion of the slim paperback and it might be worth the tackling of even a few pages before she goes to bed. Kafka has been used for studies, hence the extensive related notes.

Assuring me that what she needs is a simple distraction from the stress, I'm left to accept that the catch 22 situation will continue until my friend is ready to look the cause of her stress square in the eye and be prepared to deal with it.

The exchange prompted the chapter of Advent, where Sonia also opts to dull her senses as a strategy for coping with problems. For her, the teacher comes in Michael, when she was ready. By that experience, I stand reminded that there are endless ways to try a door.

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