• Rose Bresolin

What’s the reading for? Why read this?

Years ago, I read The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafta as part of an English Lit course. The motivation then was to look for whatever the professor wanted us to see – his questions led us to it. When I read Kafka again years later it was because my son gave it to me; the purpose for the reading clearly meant to underscore what it was saying to me. That could have been a part of what the prof intended, but I didn’t see it at the time.(echo of 'when the student is ready') My openness during the second read helped me to examine a harmful behavior that, albeit naively, was debilitating the willing receiver. I was brought to see the dance we did. It took awhile to learn a different dance to get us both unstuck.

And so I write because I want to communicate the insight of that message and of others in my read on life.


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