• Rose Bresolin

Life - Take 2

Years ago, I read The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka as part of an English Lit course. The motivation then was to look for whatever the professor wanted us to see – his questions leading us to it. When I read Kafka again years later it was because my son gave it to me; his intention for the re-read clearly to underscore what it was saying to me. That could have been a part of what the prof intended, but I didn’t see it at the time. (echo of 'when the student is ready.') My openness during the second read helped me to acknowledge the block in my behavior that until then debilitated the switch to let the message in. When it finally penetrated, it took me in to see the dance I had been doing. Admittedly, it took awhile to learn a different dance and get myself unstuck.

And so I write because I want to have the characters in the stories live out the new excitement and to play in the freedom of the retake that it adds to life.

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