• Rose Bresolin

The journey in from Calvary

And so, to continue along the journey of Sonia and her family from their Advent, and into the Road from Calvary... In working on the chapter where Sonia's son Tristan and his children find themselves working against pressure to drop a high profile case, they are heard deliberating over the pros and cons of persisting forward. To better understand, I found myself searching for words that would take me deeper into their characters, (and my own). They could have pressed on in the singular pursuit of raising their firm's image. The question led me to put a closer ear to their discussion. As they weigh potential impact on the small community they were asked to represent, they also challenge one another to reveal their personal motivation for pursuing representation. While keeping one another to that awareness they ask how their decision will impact their own essence. What damage could it do to the way they view themselves, their loyalty to one another? To look squarely at the overall impact and feel a connection with the players, the workings of their coming to a decision is being raised to a work of art.

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Rose Bresolin

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