• Rose Bresolin


I can’t be sure when my curiosity for words began, what triggered it. Perhaps it was in listening closely to my mother when she spoke in the real Italian to us. Or as a new Canadian learning how to read and needing to listen more closely to each word.

For my fellow writers, something I read long ago still resonates today, show up, and keep on showing up to make your writing feel of value – your spending time with it will do that; it’s also possible that you’ll find more of you in the words you write each day.

With imagining them to life, by creating the when and where of setting that they’re sprung from, as each page is turned,they will take you deeper into themselves. Your interacting with the characters, through challenge and delight will provide the sinew to fill them in. As they take you in their confidence, they’ll start to speak to you and the reins will slowly start to make the switch. Before long, they’ll assume the lead. A skeleton is all it takes; the fever will catch, and they will fill you in on the rest. In essence they will show up or call when you forget. Ask Who, and characters will reveal more of themselves. Continue to ask what and where and when, the why will write itself.

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