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Barb and Me

My friend Barb and I met in grade one, literally - our children were in first grade when she and I helped with the classroom reading program. Last week she made the trek to the city to visit me and we went to see the musical, Come From Away. As we don't see one another often, we used the walk back to my place for catching up. When Lucy asked next morning how Barb had enjoyed the evening, she smiled through her words. "I really enjoyed the play, and later as I sat propped up against a mound of pillows on my friend's bed, sipping on a perfect martini, her reading to me from Grandma Doesn't Live Here Anymore, I had to ask myself if life could get any better!!"

Returned to my writing later, I thought of Barb's words, the happiness of her voice as she replied to Lucy. I think we're all children at heart, and the child that's in us rejoices at being made to feel safe enough to express itself. I too was feeling thankful for the enduring friendship with Barb. It reminded of the bond between Sonia and Michael in my first novel Advent, a friendship that protected their relationship through many an adversity.

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