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Wondrous Star of the East/ reprinted from Dec 20

Season's Greetings! - Today’s blog repeats a message sent out earlier to subscribers. The response eliciting a sense of goodwill beyond what I had hoped for, I want to share it out as largely as possible:

When I contacted my service provider for an issue with computer, I was fully confident that Christine or Mark at Tekfinity Solutions would make quick work of the problem. What was unusual with this call is that Mark and I continued to talk after all was done. We delved further into technology and to the ways it’s opened up the world and given us a feeling of being connected. We also talked about the counter side, with people being swallowed by their cell phones and disconnected from those right in front of us. Even more unusual with my call to the East, where the service is located, is that, regardless of the many years between Mark and myself, we came away connected in an understanding that we each hold the power to decide where technology will take us. Merry Christmas to all and, thank you from the bottom of my heart for our connection via website. May it continue to expand us in good ways!

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