• Rose Bresolin

Stepping into a New Year

Throughout the novels, Advent and Calvary, Sonia can be found obsessing over a thing she can't put a name to. Whatever it is, she believes the phantom is chasing her or standing in her way. Paralleled with that is an inner gnawing that there must be something she forgot; that if she concentrates long enough, she'll find the memory that will free her of the torture. It's a rocky road she travels, but when she gives up the search for an answer to what's not right with her, what Sonia does find is that in having separated herself from others out of feeling different, she was indeed alone, but as she comes to grow the courage to stand alone for what's important, everything she needs comes her way. The freeing awareness affects her profoundly,and the love she holds out to her family is transformed into an invaluable legacy.


Rose Bresolin

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