• Rose Bresolin

Shine On

Today I find myself back at the drawing table. Having 52 blogs scheduled to post, and two novels in what could be their final draft before the website was launched, proved helpful in giving me the confidence to follow through with it. But things changed along the way. I realize now that, while such preparation stood me well in my work as a teacher and a school principal because it freed me to be fully present with staff and students at the start of day, for writing fiction, that level of planning can scare away authenticity and choke the hell out of spontaneity. I felt the holidays called for a presence that would connect us in the season's celebration of joy, and as your feedback gave me to know you better, I felt the need to interact in real time. The communication has changed everything and the interaction has made it all more vibrant. As I round up the editing of what is to become the final draft of the third novel, At The Left Hand,’ it takes me right back to the struggle of my beginnings with Sonia in the first novel, and plays out again in the battle between trying to tell Lucia who she is or to take the time to get to know her and watch her grow. As I relax and choose the latter, I’m forced to listen better. Becoming more interested in her, she becomes more interesting. While Lucia is positioned At the left Hand in her story, I move to her left and take her hand as we continue the walk into 2019. From Lucia and me, thank you for journeying on with us.


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