• Rose Bresolin

New thoughts for Old

In the novel At the Left Hand, Lucia holds out enthusiasm for life despite the oppression and abuse she lives with. Her spirit broken after she is raped, when she tells her parents, she finds herself out on the street. Not knowing where to turn she reaches out to her friend Judy. In her compassion, Judy manages to convince her mother to let Lucia stay with them. As with each day Lucia pours her heart out, Judy realizes that it will take a major shake up of Lucia’s mind to help her realize that she can change the direction of her life. “Lucia, stop! Listen to me, it’s time to change the channel in your thinking.” Lucia’s mind shocked blank, the thoughts that later come to fill that space, ring in a freshness of new hope.

#passagemetoosilencedabuselefthand #oppression #freedom #rapecompassion

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