• Rose Bresolin

The coach within us

Since being elected to the Board of Directors for Spencer Magazine, I’ve been introduced to avenues of technology for communication that are unfamiliar to me. While I accept the challenge, the anxiety felt in not being a digital native is re-triggered. After the moments it takes to drag my resistant mind into the quiet, the calm ultimately finds its way back in. Within that space I am reminded of the mettle of little Sonia, and how she rises to become a match for whatever the alien landscape confronts her with in Advent. I had dropped her in the cold to learn a foreign language and navigate new territory on her own, and here’s her author wimping, despite the volumes of support to walk me through the new terrain. Surely, if I have come to expect it of her to learn and master a second language and more, then in writing her up, I’ve created my own coach, and I’m convinced that there is a coach in all of us.


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