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The road within

In the novel at the left hand, we see a young Lucia being coached by her sister to think before she reacts. Lucia is so impulsive that she can’t trust herself to stay out of trouble for long. Many of us will remember the power resonated in the phrase, “I will find you!” - words by Daniel Day - Lewis to Madeleine Stowe in The Last of the Mohicans, as they are being apprehended, and just moments before he plunges into roaring water and leaves her to be captured. A strong-willed Madeleine would have had to work against herself to restrain from putting up a fight, and perhaps if Lucia had been imprinted with the belief that she was worth saving, then, like Madeleine, she too might have been able to defer retaliation and keep herself from harm.

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Rose Bresolin

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