• Rose Bresolin

To Love Again

Having seen Naomi Osaka play Serena Williams, I was interested to see how Naomi had fared in the recent Australian Open. After typing in ‘Australian Open results for 2019’ on google search, I was taken to the men’s singles. Not surprisingly, the screen was organized in the order of expected and established practice. I was pleased to see Naomi shine, unencumbered by the gender backlash that robbed some of the glory in her win over Serena in the summer. The truth will out, and that Naomi is a player of great skill has gone on to be undisputed. That she played in a game that sparked a timely dialogue about gender equity, gained her a recognition echoing beyond the game of tennis. The Land of Canaan, a children’s book sparked by that game, has had many readers, and my hope is that the questions around equity will be encouraged at an early age, and that their exploration is done by boys and girls together.

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Rose Bresolin

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