• Rose Bresolin


Along The Road from Calvary, as the old man follows the aroma of bread that's in the oven, it feeds his delusion that the dentist will somehow fit him with new teeth. After feeling the few remaining ones pull away, he stares down at them and at the bread he just bit into. Confronted by the evidence that the cherished link with food is severed, his spirit takes a serious hit.

His daughter Sonia has lived with Alfredo's obsession with food. He boasted continuously that his energy was a direct result of his attention to it. While she was glad that what her father taught her about nutrition was of help when her son Tyler fell ill, she came away convinced that having someone who cared through a time of darkness played an equal part in his recovery. In the end she gives credit to the alchemy of both for bringing Tyler to accept the hand being being offered, and convert it to the important bridge back into life.

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Rose Bresolin

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