• Rose Bresolin

The Primavera of our Understanding

As we eavesdrop on Lucia of the novel, ‘At the Left Hand,’ we hear her defending her cooking against the criticism that the bland meals she makes are a turn-off. Fueled to make her family understand that what they ate should be appreciated for what it could do for them, Lucia persists in cooking in the same way. While Lucia’s stubborn stance continues to irritate her family, it came to me that, although most people would agree that eating bad food can make us sick, we aren’t altogether convinced that good foods really can make us well and that they play a major role in healing. To question how we think and then apply the idea of spring cleaning, not just to our digestive system, but to our thoughts in general, we might consider giving up old tired ones that haven’t worked, to the compost for the new.

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Rose Bresolin

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