• Rose Bresolin

An Unexpected injection

To comply with the required vaccines and blood-work for a volunteer assignment at a hospital school, I recently visited a local clinic. In dread of the anticipated needles, I was somewhat eased when I learned that the nurse assigned to me was also named Rose. If that was not auspicious enough, Rose was friendly and as we sprang into conversation, she began to share her experience of life here as an immigrant. Her account was strongly positive, and I agreed with her that Canada is ‘the’ place to be. As she continued with a tone of pride in having qualified to enter Canada, she pointed out the many advantages that our country offers. After ending with the observation that, ‘anyone who wants to work hard can make a good life here,’ I was left thinking of Sonia’s immigrant upbringing. As parents, hers clearly lacked the necessary skills, but as citizens they never forgot that the reason they undertook the journey was to make a better life. And, to keep our country rich enough to sustain that environment for their grandchildren and the immigrants that would follow, they had the good sense to know that they would have to contribute. And, next I realized I hadn't felt the needle going in.

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