• Rose Bresolin

From the Cocoon to Butterfly

Throughout her life, Sonia kept a tight lock over what it was that triggered her close bond with the written word. On being asked in her late years, the truth broke through the bounds of warped cocoon in a desperate need to be acknowledged:

Sonia’s aging eyes looked on the little self in dallying after school. Her heart softened as she watched her playing the helper in the classroom and then skipping her way home afterwards. The inner gaze being stayed to witness the child back at her desk next morning, a sad detachment on her face. And when the ending bell was sounded, she felt the jab it dealt the tiny chest against her own.

Compelled to make it home as fast as she could, the child kept to the furious pace by forcing a happy image of her parents onto her mind.

Bitter defeat filling the eyes that saw no sign of darkness lifting; a deepened sadness with learning that her presence made no difference.

Release came slowly as she put her pen to paper and began to rein the horror in and keep it in the spaces clearly lined across the paper. From behind the scenes in Calvary.

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Rose Bresolin

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