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Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails

A discussion I overheard while at an auto shop reminded me of a passionate exchange in Advent:

“Look at the shine on my rims.” Tyler boasted to his brother. “I polished and clear coated them myself! I bet no one has a car like mine.”

You don’t have a car like yours, Sonia whispered under breath in musing. While you spend so much time in tending to the sparkle and the sheen of the exterior, the parts that keep the car running are continually being pushed to their limit . Not much different from the approach Tyler had with his own body. Type A personality newly faced with a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes! Another race that could be headed for disaster.

If we could teach our boys to give the care and attention to their health and to other important aspects of their lives, that they give their cars, my sense is that there’d be no wars.

From the depths of Sonia’s thoughts.

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