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The Language of Flowers - In tribute to a writer by another

Seems we’ve forgotten the message that each flower carries. Inherent in all of course, is the one of love, and as Michael, of the novel Advent continues to surprise Sonia with the variety of species from his travels, she becomes intent on learning their language:

‘In Constantinople (Istanbul), in the 1600’s, flowers gained meanings which enabled lovers to convey messages to each other without having to write or talk. This language of flowers was introduced to Europe by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, a celebrated letter-writer and society poet who, in 1716, accompanied her husband to the Turkish Court in Istanbul. During her stay, she sent a Turkish love letter to England which interpreted the meaning of several types of flowers. The wonder of flowers, she proposed, was that words and messages of love - even altercations – could be passed in a refined and subtle manner. She returned to England in 1718, bringing with her additional information about the language of flowers.’ And, as flowers can, their language spread. There are over 30 meanings associated with roses alone.

With Michael gone from her life, Sonia told herself that she missed the flowers he brought in. In truth she missed the language that they learned to speak together.

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