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The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn, is to….

In the novel Advent, we are made privy to the terror experienced by children growing up in an abusive household. After years of having their esteem chipped at in the tumultuous environment, the siblings emerge as anxious and with a feeling that they are unworthy. Attempts to form identity for going forward continue to be frustrated, as their attention is forced back to claim a starting point from which to build on. In the feverish struggle to find a sense of place, they are seen pushing it farther away.

When we follow the younger daughter, Sonia, we are pleasantly surprised at the effortlessness of the love she feels for her own children; as is she. The romantic love story that develops between herself and a handsome pilot provides a timely relief from the introspective nature of the novel. Whether the match comes of the stars in the night sky or from a stirring in the earth, the bond between the unlikely pairing finds a way for staying alive; the seemingly fated revivals occurring in the Springtime.

It’s said that to love and be loved in return is the greatest gift you'll ever know. As such, it just may be the gift to help us find the path into the stuff we’re made of. The fresh additions to the excerpts from Advent offer a peek into the story within a story.

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