• Rose Bresolin

The Singer or The Song

While going over the editing of a recent draft for 'At the Left Hand,'I begin to question the story opening. By now I know a writer has to suffer through that small dilemma with each novel. It’s a question of how to enter territory that’s uncharted. Do you parachute in with a seed and keep an eye on the surroundings as they shape it; arranging and rearranging them to suit the blossoming you envision? Or, will the seed be left to the dynamics of the environment for its life?

The chicken or the egg? Does the cock crow and lift our Lucia into a day that she envisions? Or does an anxious Lucia wait in darkness, ear cocked for clues as to how her day will open? Accepting that my son who has patiently been editing the novels, has left the opening as it is, I turn the page and leave the seed to tell its story.

‘Lucia is’, the rest is all about her.

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Rose Bresolin

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