• Rose Bresolin

On a wave of the Imagination

Hidden and confined in a dimmed recess of the adult Sonia’s core, little Sonia waited. Typically, she gave herself to waft between a state of resignation and an alertness that told her something was about to happen. Today she sensed the latter and something told her that she mustn't miss it. Her adult self was having a massage and so she let herself be moved around to make it easier for the tightness to be eased. This just might be the day her patron self would come for her. In being jostled about, she felt herself being tickled and next she heard an echo of her laughter through the space.

A glimmer of light that found its way in began to follow in the path of the waves being made by her laughter. She could see the hardened barriers that had restrained her for the many years.

As each tiny spark collided with the other, their light was merged and then began to burn through the seeming boulders out around her. The light intensified until the blocks dissolved completely. Now hushed, a tiny Sonia watched the miracle and thought, ‘Yes, today could be the day!’ From behind the scenes in Advent.

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