• Rose Bresolin

As Seasons Change, So Can The Way We See Them

Lucy and I operate on what would appear to be very different thought zones – she believes that if you think the worst, it’s an assurance that it’s not going to happen – I operate in the belief that what you fill your mind with is pretty close to what does happen unless you change the way you think about it. That's the motivation that drives Sonia of the novels Advent and Calvary, in the endeavor to bring herself to see things differently. Fast forward to a bird's eye view of how the talk is walked between Lucy and me.

“Hmm, we’re having peach sandwiches again, Lucy?”

“Yes.” And in response to the concern she imagines behind my neutral tone of voice, she proceeds to explain.

“I know those yesterday were sour, but peach season will soon be gone, so I went to the market this morning to get new ones.”

“And what did you do with all those you bought yesterday?”

“I threw them in the green bin. That way they'll get a chance to come out better next year.”

I guess that tells me what Lucy does with a bad thought, and as I reflect I begin to see that that is pretty much how she treats a situation in her life when it doesn't work. Sounds easy enough, but for Sonia and the rest of us who see arriving at this juncture to be a Holy grail, discarding thoughts we've long believed to be a part of us is something we'll just have to keep on striving for.

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