• Rose M Bresolin

All Kids Can Thrive

At a time when the teaching profession is being faced with unprecedented challenge, teacher Sheena Davis has taken on the added challenge of coming up with a book that draws attention to a generation at risk. It was my pleasure to provide the testimonial below to promote her launch to mark Education Week. And I'm convinced that many of the visitors to my website will find the book helpful.
All Kids Can Thrive is right on the mark. As a former School Principal, I recognized that teachers who are attuned to the pulse of their classes as they arrive, can turn a day around. Teachers have the ability to empower each and every student to find purpose in learning and realize potential. The role of a teacher is a critical one on the path of a child’s development. A teacher’s impact on learning can affect the direction a child will take in life. That children be given a sense of belonging can significantly affect the learning environment as a whole, and as such, teachers have a vital role in shaping society’s future.
Copies of the published book are now available on Amazon.
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