• Rose M Bresolin

And now it’s Time to…

But then, a wise friend taught me to never say goodbye.
And so, I pause and reconsider what it is time to do; a time to thank all those who were behind the website and those who helped sustain it: My sons J J and Chris for inspiring and encouraging me to move beyond my comfort; for their invaluable help as well as Kristina’s and Angelique's with the technology. To Mari Nicolson, for the website design and support, to WIX and Go Daddy for the platform and domain respectively. And to my readers, for keeping me in good company along the journey to the finish line, with both the novels and the children’s books.
“Strada Facendo Ne Parleremo,” and we have talked indeed. Mille Grazie! It's been fun!
Until the time when they might reawaken as more than works in progress, here’s a look back at where we’ve walked, and talked through together:
Sonia’s upbringing across a rolling panorama had taught her, if not frightened her into becoming cautious; eyes on the earth beneath her feet, lest she should move too swiftly and lose her footing in the folding terrain or worse, surprise a snake. The earth that made up the lone road leading into town suffered from erosion and was deeply gouged. Her safety was in looking down and around her at the immediate surroundings. That murmuring sense of lurking danger was with her even in her home. As a child she kept alert for any signs, lest she might inadvertently trigger a shift in mood and wake the sleeping violence there… until the day when..
But the sunshine within Sonia didn’t see it as all bad. Her vigilance also kept her open to notice the deep purple of the tiniest dew-drenched violets tucked between the grasses of the meadow, and the sweetest yolks of mushroom out along the forest floor.
Sonia's habit of keeping her attention close to the ground made it a challange for the pilot she would later meet to have her shift her gaze skyward and marvel at the wonders there.
And so, we look up and out, and as we do, please look out for Spencer Magazine where I can hence be found, online and on shelves at some future point.

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