• Rose M Bresolin

At the End of the Day

Suited up in Ghostbuster gear and armed with powerful zapper sprays to bust invading germs, also invisible, the world stands back and holds its breath. Is the ammunition working? And will it prove strong enough to continue holding back the enemy?

The writer in me asks how this will all go down in writing, when the dealing’s done. When the virus has been effectively dealt with.

And then, there’s the equally important question of, “How will our children remember these disruptive and confusing times?" What will they think of our response to a thing that poses threat to their very lives and throws havoc into their education? In essence a thing with the potential to re-write their future.

And that, as parents brings the question back to us. A question we can actually think about before our history’s written: How do we want our children, all children, to remember this?

In the novels and the children’s stories that I write, part of the message being lived out in the characters across the pages is that at the end of the day, ‘it matters greatly how you made someone feel, and how that leaves you feeling about yourself.’ It matters more because it’s something that we can control, something that can be improved on as we take every precaution to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

Our children may or may not hear what we say, but the effect of the words we speak is what they will remember.

A small thing really, simple, but can prove to be profound.

From Sonia and the gang to Us.

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