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Babel On Babylon

Babel On Babylon A teacher friend shared that while taking a language class online, a message that another student was muting her appeared on her screen. The instructor stated that she should un-mute herself because no one could hear her. And, that it was not possible for anyone else to mute her on a site that she as the instructor owned. Therefore, my friend must have caused the problem and needed to un-mute herself so they could hear her and get on with the class,…blah, blah, blah…

Oft heard between children in Kindergarten, the parallel talk can be amusing.

The same friend wasn’t surprised when I explained the reason she could no longer access my blog by clicking the way she had become accustomed to is a glitch in the changing platform. And since the readers not given to social media no longer receive an alert, it makes an additional notification necessary.

Calls to technical department have often left me feeling like I’m back in kindergarten. Those times, I want to hold hands as though I’m about to cross a busy freeway, and then hurry home to have cookies and milk.

In danger of making the blog too much about the messenger, I am encouraged by yet another technician. And, in the words of Mark at Tekfinity, ‘you'll feel less stress learning the technology you need if you give it a human-interest spin, like you do your writing,’ I find again the awe of kindergarten.

Although the new platform has not yet come together, the last person I spoke with at Wix suggested an interim way to send notifications to the group I mention; but, after a few test runs to prove it worked, neither of us realized that we had used up my entire notifications quota for the month! ... To turn the lemons into lemonade may continue to be a challenge, but there will always be enough lemonade to share, even with those who give us lemons!

Befittingly, the resourcefulness for doing exactly that, is what Michael in the novel Advent refers to as ‘the wonder of Sonia.’


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