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Happy New Year - Welcome 2020!

As I was writing the article about the film Boundless,I thought of Sonia in the novel Advent,and the excitement that she felt as she looked out an airplane from the cockpit for the first time; the height of that excitement soaring side by side with having been delivered an invitation from the handsome Captain.

Becoming open to a new experience can be transformational, and,that love in its many forms can be precisely that, is the thread that’s stitched throughout the pages of those novels that we remember.

Boundless is a story that is conceived by the love of a young girl for a grandmother who flies airplanes at a time when the words ‘female pilot’ are barely whispered. There has been a small degree of change since then, and the intention of the film is to continue expanding the way we look at the profession.

We can gauge if a change is for the good when in the process we are asked to weigh in the well-being of society as a whole. It takes the determination of a combined will to drive any meaningful change forward. Boundless calls our minds to soar and that perhaps, as we ground again, our thinking has become more open.

I’m hoping that’s what will happen with the reading, but at the very least, you will find the information interesting and will enjoy the experience that takes us over oceans and across the skies together.

I’m also hoping that the link will be shared widely. Thank you

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