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In Closing We Will Open To...

As shared in the blog that precedes this one, the story Advent was inspired by the rich and natural landscape of my humble beginnings. That phase was short lived however, as the leading character, Sonia, rescued a bunch of words lying still across sheets of paper and raised them to a life that opened far beyond the limits of one imagination.

In the first two novels, Alfredo, Sonia’s tempestuous father, exhibits a redeeming quality for making visitors feel instantly at home. ‘Set the table,’ he’s heard saying with a lilted voice and boyish grin. As the tablecloth is respectfully draped over the table, any earlier hesitation in the guests is dismissed. With appetites enticed by the aromas in the kitchen, and curiosity peaked by Alfredo’s hospitality, they become willing hostages to more of the old man's story-telling.

It’s possible that once the existing global chaos around Covid19 that’s forced us indoors is resolved, the way we've used the time in isolation might have us emerge with a broadened awareness of ourselves. If that understanding were to be applied in daily life, maybe, just maybe, the new normal would find us acknowledging the people in front of us before being swallowed up in our devices.

It could also follow, that history will record this period as the exodus of a practice where people who once ‘used people and loved things,’ made a conscious and collective choice to ‘love people and use things.’

I quote a newcomer to the site “I just found your website... Lots of reading to look forward to.” A testament to the urgency built into our everyday interactions that left little, if any time for even brief pause, before we entered into the current crisis.

Drawing from the opening phrase that first inspired my website, ‘Strada Facendo ne Parleremo,' I replied, “Yes, and as you read the blogs you might look at them as a walk together, with a host of other readers.”


Rose Bresolin

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