• Rose M Bresolin

On the Wings of Imagination

Below are the lyrics to a song that Sonia sings with her grandchildren in the second novel, to sustain the redirection in the course of fate. After trying it out with mine, I’m convinced that my readers will be happy to share it with the children in their lives, and the child in them, particularly in these unusual times. Sung to the rhythm of the chorus in Break Away, by Kelly Clarkson, be creative with the body movements. The resulting joy is liberating and contagious. The hand movements to the mini-refrain can be particularly humorous.

I’ll spread my wings

And I’ll learn how to fly

Dive deep in the sea

And soar up to the sky Refrain

Make a Wish

Feed the Fish

Eat a Piece of Pie

I’ll test my wings

And fly high in the sky

I’ll see many things

That will make me ask why Refrain

I’ll flap my wings

And fly up to the moon

Swoop down to the sea

And be back home by noon Refrain

I’ll tell my friends

What I learned from the sky

We can do anything

When we think we can fly Refrain

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