• Rose M Bresolin

Our Anchored Ship

As the challenges posed by Covid19 continue to persist across our globe and demand that we temporarily close our doors, it’s important to keep our minds open to ideas that can anchor us throughout the period of isolation.

Many are using this as a time for dusting off old board games and putting them back on the table. Scrabble, monopoly, backgammon, checkers, chess, charades for grown ups and for kids, and puzzles are among those named. Games that require the building up of structures and replicating geometric patterns within a given time frame can add a little excitement.

While it would seem that isolation is a lot more bearable in pairs or in larger units, as with some families, I want to share an approach by a young person living on her own and determined to keep connected with the outside; her friends and family, and more specifically with those among them who are aging and live alone:

Last Sunday, singer/song writer Sara Marie Barron put out an invitation to join her for an impromptu performance that would be staged in her apartment that night. Tech assistance for downloading the app people would need was made available by the digital natives among them. (Zoom, in this case)

Even though no one left their homes, the anticipation as the performance was about to begin held the excitement of an opening night. And despite the interruptions as a result of the laughter triggered by the errors of those less comfortable with technology, the experience left them all with something fun to talk about afterwards.

I’ve been collecting other activities as they've come along, and I will be posting them. Please feel free to contact me through my website for sending in ideas. If you include your consent, I’ll be happy to acknowledge the source, or share out anonymously, as we maneuver through a journey we’re now set on together. Thank you.


Rose Bresolin

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