• Rose M Bresolin


It’s Spring again and our landscape is beginning to look quite different. Rather quickly, the earth is becoming infused with colour, and soon the life in the seeds planted will push up as crops. As with the seeds, there is also a stirring going in us. Promises that we sense, but on the heels of those promises can come a feeling that holds us back from making the leap to bring them to life.
Much as with the clumps of soil in being broken down and turned up in planting, the knots inside us are being awakened by the fresh stirring in the air. Unattended,they can block the free flow of our energy. Looking them squarely in the eye becomes an opportunity to loosen them and to free the energy and space taken up to store them.
Words from an enlightened speaker in help to accomplish that freeing release (phrased far more eloquently than I recall it here) might resonate for you. Summed up, the goodbye to old grudges might go something like, ‘I release the you I hold you to in me, and I forgive the me I see in you when I catch that happening.’
If these words don't do it for you, play with them, move them around or change them until you make them your own. Could bring about a liberating Spring cleaning.
The choice is in whether to stay the focus on a corrosive resentment that you walk with, or to retire it. But know that in hanging onto it, you will remain stuck and hold the other person to the blame.
While everyone has their own work and we can’t do it for them, by each of us doing ours, the change in our behaviour could have them looking at theirs differently. New thoughts for old = a restart.
Happy Easter Everyone! Happy Celebration of the many traditions we hold dear! And from Sonya and her gang, Geoffrey‘s backyard and Christopher Stop with their friends, may we experience a freeing of our angers and our fears, and choose how to use the space and time that gives us. Whether extended by our mind or in person, the message of forgiveness can become a mutual song of freedom.
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