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September Rainbow

Just as Sonia’s story begins with falling leaves, Autumn seems a fitting time to take a break from her story. I’ve recently taken on some projects that require a degree concentrated time and I believe it’s best not to divide my attention too thinly. So, like the falling leaves or a fading rainbow and melting Frosty, the blogs too will be back. Meanwhile, do check back into the website for a reread or a first read among the many blogs shared this far. And, along the ‘strada facendo,’’ to 'air out a problem’, I hope fresh insights will come.

I have valued your responses; you may have even seen them reflected in the blogs that followed. My hope is that in going back to read up on one, now and again, it will inspire you to your own creative voice; to help you recognize your connection with others and then take strength from it. I have been inspired by the growing network of connections.

One of the new projects I mention is the recently launched Spencer Magazine, where I look to begin a column on the digital platform, and soon after in a hard copy. In it, I will begin a dialogue that examines the importance of keeping our creativity alive throughout the years of schooling and lengthy careers. The interviews I will conduct explore the role played by education in encouraging students not to dismiss their creative voices, and to discuss the strategies our schools are using to promote the arts as a viable way to make a living.

More specifically, the column will examine the change in attitudes and leadership among school staff and in the workplace. It will include both visible and invisible differences and look at the evolution over the years in the way that we support those who speak out rather than encourage them to remain indifferent to episodes of bullying. With the existing documentation about the damaging effects of being made to feel disenfranchised, we are pressed to look at the role of society as a whole in helping to eradicate the problem. We will also look at Special Education and the changes made in that area since I began teaching decades ago.

What we do know about creativity is that, if it is encouraged as an energy within us, it will still be there in later years when, chances are there will be time to pay more attention to it. And, for those who, like me could not imagine making a living out of their creative talent, and waited until the later years, that pressure is reduced. Now open to letting the creative juices flow, I find myself on a journey that's taken me into new inroads. With each day I learn more about how quickly that energy bounds with new ideas and fresh forms of expression.

The column will be titled ‘When Calls the Soul,’ and I am presently in the thick of scheduling visits and interviews. I will send out a post to let you know once the column is out. And, you can also keep checking into the Spencer website… In following the site, you’ll be informed about the upcoming hard launch, when you can hold a glossy copy in your hand.

(A special thanks to Jennifer of Wix for having seen me through some technical snags along the way.)


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