• Rose M Bresolin


photo by Kim Crete

A segment of the Seinfeld series that comes to mind during the global pandemic is the one where Kramer parks himself on a beach chair in the narrow hallway outside his apartment. The laughs and head-shakes at time were at the absurdity of it all.

Recently, when my son and his beautiful wife came for an exchange of hallway hellos, I handed each a glass of wine. Lowering our masks, we toasted to her birthday. Who would have thought?

It makes me wonder how the aging Sonia of Advent would have coped, and how it would have moved her to see her children and her grandchildren confronted by such challenge. What stories would be formed for telling Sonia’s great grandchildren about the changes in the world around them as a result? And what transformation in the storytellers would the retelling itself reflect? Stronger of mettle is surely what their beloved matriarch would expect.


Rose Bresolin

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